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How To: Gelish Matadora Flor del Amor Nail Art

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Gelish Matadora Collection - Flor Del Amor Nail Tutorial


Step 1

After completing your Gelish nail prep,

apply a thin coat of I'M DRAWING A BLANCO

to the entire nail making sure to cap the free edge.

Cure for 30 seconds in the 18G LED LIGHT. Repeat for full coverage.

Step 2

With a Mini Striper Brush and OLÉ MY WAY,

create two wavy lines towards the middle

of the nail. Flash cure for 5 seconds.

Step 3

Mix FOUNDATION and OLÉ MY WAY together 

to create a light blended blue shade. 

Apply a thin coat on the tip of the nail.

Flash cure for 5 seconds.

Step 4

Using a Mini Striper Brush and the blended blue shade,

create a net design by painting diagonal lines.

Flash cure for 5 seconds.

Step 5

With OLÉ MY WAY and the Mini Striper Brush, 

paint swirls on top of the net design.

Step 6

Using DON’T BREAK MY CORAZÓN and a Mini Striper Brush, 

outline the shapes of two roses. Then fill in the roses.

Flash cure for 5 seconds.

Step 7

With BLACK SHADOW and the Mini Striper Brush, 

outline the roses. With DON’T BREAK MY CORAZÓN

and a DOTTING TOOL, place three dots onto the nail.

Cure for 30 seconds. Apply TOP IT OFF to the entire nail

making sure to cap the free edge. Cure for 30 seconds.


wipes, cleanse the inhibition layer of the nail. 

Finish your look by massaging NOURISH

CUTICLE OIL into the skin surrounding the nail plate.

Enjoy your finished look. 

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