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Allure University - Eyelash Class

Posted by Kat Nguyen on

The lights are off. About 20 people are in a large room and watching a video projected onto the wall. It instructs them on proper eyelash extension application. An instructor from Royal Lash is speaking to the group, providing commentary.

On Sunday, June 28th 2015, Allure Nail Supply hosted a class and certification program for eyelash extension services. This was one of dozens of workshops that Allure has provided in the Allure University program. The program works alongside Allure Nail Supply in the joint commitment of not only providing the newest trendy products, but giving access to the instruction and guidance of practicing and marketing the new product or service.

Eyelash extensions have been all the rave in the past few years. A service that was once associated with celebrities have now hit the consumer market. More salons are offering the service, pricing anywhere from $60-$200 depending on the lash type and quality of the supplies. For clients, lashes are a great way to achieve a flawless look without the daily task of makeup application. For salons, eyelash services have provided a new stream of revenue. The initial service, in combination with the regular 4-6 week touch up, provide salons year round business. In an industry driven by summer pedicures, it is important to provide services that are not deemed seasonal. Eyelash extensions are especially popular during winter months, which host countless holiday parties.

Once the lights are turned on, the participants are each given practice mannequin heads to practice applying full sets of eyelash extensions. The instructor walks around and assists each individual, ensuring that by the end of the class, they are fully equipped to professionally and safely provide the service in their salon. The salon owners and licensed beauticians are taught not only how to provide the service, but how to educate the clients on proper care and follow up. Such information includes the importance of professional removal, the healthy process lashes naturally shedding, the ingredients of the high quality products, and upkeep.

At the end of the class, the participants were able to purchase a full eyelash extensions kit and certification to display. One by one, the beauticians leave, equipped to provide this new and trendy service to their salon. Many understand that this skill increases their value when looking for new jobs and positions. Several even leave with a full set of eyelash extensions, applied by other class members. They make the drive home, down the street for some, 4 hours out of town for others. Another Allure University class has come to an end.

Join us for our next class. CND will be joining Allure University for a free class on August 23, 2015.

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