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How To Use: CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™- No Basecoat Needed #CNDShellacLuxe

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How To Use: CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™- No Basecoat Needed

Step-by-Step Guide

Application & Removal - Service Time (30 MINS)

CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ is a two-step Gel Polish system that's ready to remove

in 60 seconds. It provides a premium service that saves precious time and offers polished

profits for the PRO!!


P.E.P. - Natural Nail Preparation (No Buffing)

1. P - Perform a manicure. 

a. Have the client wash their hands with soap and water and towel dry.

b. Massage COOLBLUE™ Hand Cleanser into the client’s hands to cleanse skin.

c. Remove any existing nail color from the natural nail using acetone-based polish remover (OFFLY FAST™ Moisturizing Remover) and a plastic-backed, lint-free pad.

d. If necessary, trim the length from each nail, using nail clippers.

e. Shape the nail's free edge with a soft grit Kanga™ File or Koala Buffer™.

f. Cuticle removal.

  •  For clients with minimal cuticle:
  • – Gently slide a cuticle pusher along the nail plate to lift cuticle.

    – Use a curette to remove cuticle from the nail plate.

  •  For clients with excessive cuticle build up:
  • – Apply a small amount of CuticleAway™ evenly around the cuticle of each nail.

    – Gently slide a cuticle pusher along the nail plate to lift cuticle. Remove excess CuticleAway™.

    – Use a curette to remove cuticle from the nail plate.

    – Clean nails with soap, water and a brush.

    – Rinse nails thoroughly with running water at sink to remove all CuticleAway™ and soap residue 

    from nail plate and skin folds.

    – If sink is unavailable, use a spray bottle with water to rinse the nail thoroughly. Dry nails with a towel.

    g. Use a manicure nipper to carefully remove any loose pieces of skin or hangnails. Use a gentle touch and

    never cut skin as it can lead to infection.

    2. E – Eliminate surface contaminants, dust, lint or skin and P – Purify nail plate layers.

    a. Cleanse and temporarily dehydrate the nail plate with SCRUBFRESH™ Nail Surface Cleanser and a plasticbacked, lint-free pad. Pull back the skin and scrub the nail as if removing red nail polish.

    STEP 2:

    Color Coat Application

    1. Shake vigorously to blend.

    2. Apply an extremely thin, translucent layer of CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Color Coat to free edge

    and nail surface (this layer will be slightly semi-sheer if applied correctly).

    3. Place the hand into the CND™ LED Lamp, ensuring fingers are on the finger pads and cure each hand for one minute (preset button 2S).* Do not remove the top film after removing the nails from the lamp.

    4. Apply a second thin layer to free edge and nail surface. The second layer will provide additional coverage and color.

    5. Cure each hand for one minute (preset button 2S) in the CND™ LED Lamp.* Do not remove

    the top film after removing the nails from the lamp.


    *If using the CND™ UV Lamp, cure for two minutes.

    STEP 3:

    Top Coat Application

    For customized levels of protection and removal, utilize the variety of CND™ SHELLAC™ Top Coats

    over CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Color Coat.

    1. Shake to blend.

    2. Apply one thin layer of CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ Top Coat to each free edge and nail surface.

    3. Cure each hand for one minute (preset button 3) in the CND™ LED Lamp.*


    4. Gently wipe the top film with a plastic-backed, lint-free pad or a cosmetic sponge saturated 

    with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol.

    5. Condition the nails and surrounding soft tissue with SOLAROIL™ Nail & Cuticle Care and send a

    bottle home with the client for daily conditioning.

    CND™ SHELLAC LUXE™ is now available here at  



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