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How To Use: NuRevolution Chrome Dip Acrylic

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How To Use: NuRevolution Chrome Dip Acrylic


Looks and feels natural.

Lasts up to 3 weeks.

No damage on natural nail.

Added Vitamin E and Calcium.

Step 1:Apply NR Base Dip #2 on 80% of nail bed.

Step 2: Dip with NR Crystal Clear

Step 3: Apply NR Base Dip #2  of 100% of nail bed.

Step 4: Dip with NR Blackout #2 and hold for 3 sec.

Repeat this step with NR Base Dip #2 & NR Blackout #2 Dipping Powder

Step 6: Apply NR Activator #3 to the entire nail.

Step 7: Use NR DIP IT FILE 150/150 GRIT. File shape as desired.

Step 8: Use NR BUFF IT FILE 100/180 GRIT to smooth surface.

Step 9: Apply NR SUPER TOP GEL.

(Do not cap free edge)

Step 10: Cure with NR Spectrum Lamp for 12 secs LED

Wait for products to cool down.

Step 11: Apply NR Chrome color of your choice.

Step 12: Use the sponge to tap the chrome on the entire nail. Rub chrome with sponge.

Step 13: Apply Super Base Gel on the entire nail. Make sure to cap the free edge.

Step 14: Cure with NR Spectrum Lamp for 30 sec LED.

Step 15: Finish with NR SUPER TOP GEL. Cure with NR SPECTRUM LAMP for 60 sec LED.

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